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SSH sessions on RenkuLab — Develop locally, run in the cloud

· 6 min read
Elisabet Capon
Renku Community Manager

SSH sessions on RenkuLab

Renku allows you to work either locally with the Renku CLI or directly in the cloud with RenkuLab. What if you wish to continue working in your local environment, but do not have adequate compute resources on your machine? An SSH session on RenkuLab can help you there: you can develop code on your computer and run it in the cloud with SSH sessions. One of the motivations to work locally and execute in the cloud is to be able to work from your favorite IDE while accessing additional compute resources. In this post, we discuss:

  • Setting up an SSH session on RenkuLab
  • Benefits of using an IDE
  • A few popular IDEs and how to use them with SSH